A week of meetings in Washington DC

I spent the past week in Washington DC, taking part to several meetings.

Sunday night I was invited by the Council of Graduate Schools to take part to a panel to discuss the future of STEM professional development and the challenges faced by STEM PhDs in entering the workforce. The conversation was very useful and stimulating, and I’ll follow up with a separate post about what (I think) is part of the problem.

Monday through Friday I attended the Modelling Origin of Life 2015 meeting, held at Carnegie Institution of Washington. The workshop saw the presence of experts in Chemistry, Artificial Intelligence, Biochemistry, Geochemistry, Physics, Microbiology and many other disciplines discussing where we are in term of understanding the origin of life and where are we headed as a research community. The diversity of concepts and disciplines was striking!

The last two days I was attending a workshop organized by the Deep Carbon Observatory on Extreme Biophysics adaptation of life to extreme environments. The workshop was mainly focusing on the effect of high pressure on biomolecules and the physiology of model microorganisms.

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