Awarded the Deep Carbon Observatory Emerging Leader Award

This week during the Deep Carbon Observatory celebration in San Francisco during the AGU Fall meeting week I was awarded the DCO Emerging Leader Award. I am among the first group of recipients of this awards, together with Fatima Viveiros (University of the Azores, DCO Reservoirs and Fluxes Community) and Jon Fellowes (University of Manchester UK, DCO Deep Energy Community). The award came as a big, fantastic surprise and I am very happy to share this award with Fatima and Jon.

The award recipients pictures projected during the DCO ceremony. Photo credit Jen Biddle

I joined the Deep Carbon Observatory community last year when I attended the First DCO Summer School. Since then I have been actively involved in the Early Career Scientist group of the DCO, organizing with a fantastic group of people the Second DCO Early Career Scientist Workshop in the Azores ( see our Open Science Blog) and now helping to plan the next DCO Summer School in Yellowstone in Summer 2016. Working within the DCO has been fantastic, and I am looking forward to many years of great community interactions!

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