Co-Editing a Research Topic on Carbon Science

During the Second Deep Carbon Observatory Early Career Scientist Workshop we discussed the possibility of having a special issue in a journal highlighting the contributions of early career scientist to deep carbon science. The idea was to showcase, in a single place, research carried out by early career scientist, and in having very different disciplines publish as part of the same collection stimulate interdisciplinary talks and interaction among the next generation of carbon scientist.

I am very happy to announce that I will be Co-Editor, together with Alysia Cox (Montana Tech), Katie Pratt (University of Rhode Island) and Cody Sheik (University of Minnesota Duluth, USA) of a Research Topic in Frontiers in Earth Science. The Research Topic, hosted by the image2_thumb_400Geochemistry section, will feature papers authored by the participants of the First and Second DCO Early Career Scientist Workshops (2014 in Costa Rica and 2015 in the Azores) and the First DCO Summer School (2014 in Yellowstone National Park) covering all aspect of carbon science.

For details check out the announcement on the DCO website and the official announcement on the Frontiers website. The abstract submission deadline is 1 May 2016!


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