Family Science Talk at the Institute for Advanced Studies

In March I was ask to give the next “Family Science Talk” at the Institute for Advanced Studies, in Princeton. This event aims to bring together the Institute members and their families to talk about one of the topic currently investigated at the institute. The talks are usually kept very accessible and are geared toward kids from 8 years old up.

Giving the talk was a great experience. I do not get many chances to share in a more informal settings my passion for the exploration and study of the deep-sea. The room at the Institute was full despite the gorgeous spring day teasing people to spend their time outside. The talk was rather long, about 50 minutes. Despite this, all the kids in the room where completely engaged and I received, literally, tens of questions. Some of the children where up to date on every major discovery of the last few years! Overall a great day. I hope I will be involved in other outreach activities in the future.

The video of the talk is available on the webpage of the Institute and on YouTube.