ELSI 5th International Symposium

The Earth-Life Science Institute 5th International Symposium took place last week in Tokyo. The theme this year was “Expanding views on the emergence of the biosphere”, and the symposium poster eloquently featured the scientist version of “the blind men and an elephant” tale. (For those of you have may have lost track of me lately, i’ve been a EON Research Fellow at the Earth-Life Science Institute since last spring).


This is my second symposium at ELSI, and both of them have been extremely stimulating experiences. The breadth and diversity of topic and speakers present every year is incredible. What’s more, I got away from it with a lot of new questions, and fresh perspective on old ones. This is exactly what a good scientific matting should be, not a place to showcase ones work, but a stimulating environments fostering alternative approaches and later thinking to solve science questions.

I will not try to summarize any of the great talks we had during the symposium, because i’m sure I will not be able to make justice to any of them. I’ll defer the work to the great job done by the twitter power-user present in the room during the symposium (#ELSI_Sympo) and the Storify put together by one of the co-organizer, Marine Lasbleis (@miolette).

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