Organizing a session to Goldschmidt 2017

Shallow-water hydrothermal vents are widespread ecosystems that have been previously understudied compared to their deep-sea counterparts, despite the fact that these systems were known long before the discovery of the deep-sea vents on the Galapagos Rift in 1977 (a review on this written in collaboration with Roy Price – SUNY – should come out soon, stay tuned). In the past decade the number of published papers dealing with shallow-water hydrothermal systems has increased constantly, giving finally the deserved attention to these amazing systems.

In collaboration with Costantino Vetriani, Chris German and Wolfgang Bach we have organized a session at the upcoming Goldschmidt 2017 in Paris (Session 15b) entitled “Hydrothermal Biogeochemistry and Geobiology – Convenors: Christopher German, Wolfgang Bach, Costantino Vetriani, Donato Giovannelli”.

We welcome contributions on the biogeochemistry and geobiology of hydrothermal systems including shallow-water and deep-sea vents. The session is open also to comparative studies ranging from continental geothermal studies to putative submarine venting beyond Earth. Please see the complete description of the session at . We believed that a session bridging between the deep-sea and shallow-water community was much needed, and we hope that the session will encompass the diversity of hydrothermal systems studied so far.


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