Media appearances

Me and my research in the media!

2017 Strýtan Expedition Postcard from the Field appears on the AGU Tumbledir blog. – 

2017 Deep Carbon Observatory website. My paper on the mosaic structure of Thermovibrio ammonificans genome and its implication in reconstructing the evolution of metabolism is featured on the DCO website. You can read the paper here  –

2017 The research on origin of life at the Earth-Life Science Institute is featured on a article on the NASA blog and my research on extremophiles is featured in the article – 

2017 Our Postcard from the Field from the Costa Rica expedition submitted to the AGU blog is printed on the backcover of EOS magazine –

2017 Deep Carbon Observatory website. Katie Pratt (University of rodhe Island and DCO Communication director) kept a live blog during our expedition in Costa Rica. “Live From Costa Rica, Where Biology Meets Subduction” –

2015 Azorean Regional Newspaper (Portugal). D Giovannelli, PI of the organizing committee, is interviewed on the scope and activities of the Second Deep Carbon Observatory Early Career Scientist Workshop –

2015 The Portuguese Azorean Television broadcasted a service on the DCOECS15 workshop I organized. The section starts at 4:50! –

2014 The scientific e-journal covered our 2014 Oceanographic Expedition and its implication for the study of the origin of life –

2014 Jennifer Barone and others kept a blog during our 2014 Oceanographic Expedition on the R/V Atlantis  –

2012 The Scientific e-journal Almanacco delle Scienze, covered the my research on Thermovibrio ammonificans in collaboration with Costantino Vetriani –

2010 National Geographic (Italian edition) covered in the August issue our BIOFUN 2009 Oceanographic Cruise in the article “Abissi Mediterranei” –