An updated list of my publications can be found at my Google Scholar Profile page. (* corresponding or co-corresponding author)

a. Publications in pre-print

1 – Baldrighi E, Giovannelli D, d’Errico G, Lavaleye M, and Manini E. 2016. Deep-sea ecosystem: a world of positive biodiversity – ecosystem functioning relationships? Biogeosciences Discussion, doi:10.5194/bg-2016-26

b. Peer-review journal articles

25 – Jelen B, Giovannelli D, Falkowski PG, and Vetriani C. 2018. Combined comparative transcriptomic and proteomic analysis reveals the mechanism and pathway of elemental sulfur reduction in Thermovibrio ammonificans, a deep-sea vent thermophile. Environmental Microbiology, accepted

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c. Other publications

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1* – D Giovannelli. 2016. Deep-Sea, Origin of Life and Astrobiology. IAS Institute Letter, Spring 2016 See also the related post